Monday, December 9, 2013

Things Are Happening

I kind of feel like I shouldn't blog about anything that I'm too lazy to take photos of. But all sorts of awesome is going on, and I don't have any photos. And all of the awesome is begging for a place on the hinternet.

Last night a couple of friends and my parents and I got to see Sheree Plett and Eisenhauer in a house concert. House concerts are the best thing ever. And Sheree Plett and Eisenhauer are the best singers ever. So it was a double win. And, of course, I didn't take any pictures. Here's a youtube video from the world wide web. It's not the house concert from last night, but it's one of the songs they sang.

Now that I've blogged about the concert, I'm realizing that there wasn't really that much awesome. I was just that pumped up on cozy folk tunes.

No, there were other spectacular things, including the Home Sweet Home Indie Arts and Crafts Bazaar and LOTS of slipper sewing. Ugh, I wish I had taken more photos. It's a good lesson to learn before all the other spectacular things yet to come.

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