Saturday, November 30, 2013

Coolest By Far

Things are still running along at maximum busy-time in the shop, but I've managed to make something new and exciting. I've been thinking about cat slippers for some time now. My first year of university, I had a pair of slippers with a cat face on them, and even though I didn't even like cats at the time, they still made me feel all smiley on the inside. Through the years, I've become a cat fan in a big way (as evidenced here), so I figured it was high time I add a cat-inspired pair of slippers to the shop. My Molipop version is a distant relative of those first slippers, which were of the standard heel-less slip on variety, featuring a neon pink applique cat (I wish I had a picture!), but I think/hope they're kindred spirits.

Coming Soon to Molipop Comfort Accessorie on Etsy!

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