Monday, October 28, 2013

All Sorts of Top Notch and a Sneak Peek! (High Tops/Low Boots)

I've had a fierce cold for the last little while, but I still managed to fit in some pretty great stuff last week (between revitalising naps and sips of herbal tea). 

On Monday--before I got sick--I picked my bff's kid up from school and we hit the pottery studio at our local arts and recreation centre for some quality time with clay. She has some serious powers of imagination, so we had a killer time sculpting one-of-a-kind creations. When I say killer, I mean, she's inspired by the world's deadliest predators (think shark and bear-shaped mugs, fully equipped with teeth). We're headed back to the studio today, so I'll try to remember to snap some pics. 

Also on the list of awesome from last week was pattern-making! I'm working on a new design for the shop. It's a high-top/low-boot slipper, and so far I'm pretty much in love. I whipped up (and by whipped up, I mean slowly and painstakingly made) a couple pairs for my mom and I to test out. So far so good! 

Pattern Stage

First Finished Pair
We did NOT have games night last week, so I have nothing to report on that aspect of my life. Apparently for some of us, showing up for work and putting food on the table ranks higher than Settling Catan (I'm talking to you, Rick).

I'm really excited to kick this cold and accomplish amazing things this week. More clay! More boot-slippers! Maybe some baking or something. And there are lots of orders in the queue (I love the word 'queue,' but I have to spell-check it EVERY time). I live for lots of orders, so I can't imagine this week not being tops. How about you? What sorts of stuff are you looking forward to this week?

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