Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New and Exciting (All Sorts of Top Notch from Last Week)

So, on Monday, when I was thinking of what to put in my 'week in review' post, I realized that last week was very similar to the week before and the week before. Which isn't a huge problem, because I like me some routine. But knowing me, if I don't spice things up once in awhile, I'm going to start to get a little bummed out.

There were a few things that stood apart from the normal awesome things in my weekly routine.

One was multiple trips to Edgewood Farms/Foxtail Coffee, and discovering that my nose-grease print is heart shaped. C'mon, we all get a nose-grease print on our take-away lids, right?

A trip to PG for a Dr. Appt. that included my Dr. asking how my Etsy business is doing! She also remembers that my favorite forms of physical activity are snowshoeing and running. Best. Doctor. Ever.

Also included in the trip to PG was some value village shopping and some costume shenanigans.

Jo with old school safety glasses

Jo tried to get me to try on the costumes,
but I wouldn't take of my usual golden mask
Ok, nevermind. Nothing too routine about that! I do want to broaden my craft spectrum a bit though--try some new stuff and revisit old stuff (and hopefully not break the bank doing so). I'm going to make a plan. Or a list. And then I'm going to blog about it. (And then, when I only complete a fraction of it, I may regret publicly blogging about it?). 

How about you? What shape is your nose-grease print? Do you love routine or hate it?

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