Tuesday, October 15, 2013

All Sorts (of Awesome from Last Week)

Once again, the highlight of my week was games night with my closest friends. It looked a little something like this:

Is that a head-lamp on my head? Why yes, it is. Usually I take my head-lamp off for Settlers of Catan, but there was to be a ghost-hunting adventure immediately afterwards, so I just left it on. 

Ghost-hunting was a huge success. My bff had seen a vaguely kkk-like shrine-ish thing in the woods earlier that day and ran herself sick to get away from it. But then, after the sun went down, it seemed like a good idea to go in for a closer look. So, armed with our flashlights and head-lamps, we headed for the dark and twisted forest. Up close, what looked like a kkk hood/ghost was actually a bunch of laundry, randomly hung over branches in the woods, but it looked eerie as heck from afar. Also, we had a great time jumping out of bushes and screaming like five-year-olds (some of us more than others).

The soundtrack of the week was The Miseducation of Lauren Hill. I know all the words, and I like to harmonize like a super-dope backup singer (which in my case involves very little harmony, and a lot of shameless off-key singing with my eyes closed. 

What was super-amazing about your week? Don't be shy. The highlight of my week was a board game! 

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  1. You're awesome.

    The highlight of my (last) week? I had a pretty amazing breakfast date with my parents-in-law on Friday morning (at Sassafras). The company was just wonderful, the conversation was supportive and fun and the food, as always, was stellar. :) The little things, my friend. :)