Thursday, October 17, 2013

In My Purse

You know those glamorous 'in my purse' pages that are sometimes in magazines, where celebrities share what shade of lipstick they have in their purse and their Gucci wallets or whatever? I dumped my purse this morning (prepping for a quick trip North to PG - iiiiiiiiits pap smear time!) and I was inspired to do my own glamorous share.

So, what's in my purse, you ask?

1. Retractable measuring tape
2. Keys
3. Mini bag that's supposed to hold a larger cloth grocery bag
4. 5 cents in Canadian Tire money 
6. Clicky pencil (I was looking for that last night!)
7. Four crumpled receipts
8. Headlamp
9. Coin pouch (instead of coin it has a mini bottle of Motrin, chapstick, a jump-drive, a pantiliner, another crumpled receipt and 7 bobby pins)
10. A tampon pouch (which also has another jump-drive and more bobby pins in it)
11. A Kindle (in a cute padded case that I made all by my own self)
12. A wallet (also made by my own self)
13. A swatch of fabric from Spoonflower, still in the envelope.

And I thought I was going to find random junk! Obviously, that's all just going back in my purse. What's in your purse? 


  1. Hah. Absolute fave reason to visit The Peeg, no doubt.

    I love this. I have done one yearsandyears ago, but I really need to revisit it!

    1. Yes, you do need to revisit it! I'd love to see what's in your purse. I'm betting on more than one writing utensil . . .