Monday, September 16, 2013

All Sorts (of Top Notch from Last Week)

Last week was well above decent in the overall scheme of things. I handed in the very final final copy of my thesis, paid my library fines, and tied up all the loose ends at the University. Now I don't have to feel bad about punctuating my sentences improperly anymore.

 I finished a book that I didn't really like that much, so I won't tell you the title. But I felt pretty good about powering through.

I put my hair in a high ponytail/bun. It has been YEARS since I was able to do that. Sometimes (often) I just get the urge to cut it, and I can't help myself. But I've obviously been developing super-powers of self-control, and this picture is evidence. This picture is also of Cottonwood river (backdrop for glorious messy bun).

And so is the one below. Because it was hot enough to go hang out at the river all day long on Wednesday. IN SEPTEMBER. That's something to celebrate in this (relatively northern) neck of the woods. 

P.S. I can't align this little blurb to the right. It insists on being centered. I hate it, and it's killing me. 

These are totally unrelated to the river, but they are very much related to last week being above decent. I made these all by myself yesterday for games night. Yup. Games night. Me and my bffs play Settlers of Catan every Sunday and gorge on our favourite foods. That's pretty cool, right?

And then, I spent the last half hour of the week digging into Thirst by Shree Ghatage. It's going to take all my newfound superpowers of self-control to not just chuck all my tasks for the day and read. 

How 'bout you? Have you read this book? Kidding. How was your week? And also, have you read this book? And won't you be my neighbor?

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