Thursday, September 12, 2013

Maybe Fall is the Best Season After All

So, here's a sketch that I made . . . that doesn't reflect my approach to television AT ALL.

I'm a huge fan of the TV, and while everyone else is getting excited about pumpkin spice lattes and scarves and mittens, I'm getting pumped up for the return of all my favourite shows!

I know, watching lots of TV is supposed to be something to be embarrassed about. But I feel like my threshold for embarrassment is pretty high--high enough that I can like what I like, and sometimes even flaunt it a little.

So, I'm pretty amped for almost every single show that's returning. There are shows that I watch/listen to while I'm sewing, and then there are shows that I watch with the focus and determination of an olympian.

I'm super excited for the return of The Mindy Project. Yes!

Also eagerly awaiting the premiere of Super Fun Night with Rebel Wilson. REBEL WILSON once a week! Can I get a 'hell yeah'?

Modern Family and Parenthood will also get some very dedicated viewing from me. How 'bout you? Going for any wilderness adventures or reading any good books this fall? Or revelling in the return of good old fashioned Network Television?

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