Wednesday, February 29, 2012

High Five: LA

As part of my quest for a better blog, I'm going to start paying more attention to all the great blogs out there. I'm going to find my favourites and analyse what elements make them most attractive to me. Once a week (every Wednesday), I'm going to blog about one of them. High five!

This week, my favourite blog is LA, where Leigh-Ann writes about her life and work:

"I think of my blog like a sister. It's where I 'call' excitedly once a day (sometimes twice), with whom I can share, learn and grow, catch-up, be vulnerable, celebrate, be understood, tell funny stories & mishaps... just like when I'm with my sister (whose my best friend), my blog is where I feel most connected with myself. I'm writing to you like we're sisters :)" (quote from here)
5 Great Things

  • The Banner: I love the friendly and inviting pic of Leigh-Ann. I think it portrays the "sister" vibe that she strives to foster on her blog.
  • The colours: Everything is muted and soft, a little like vintage sheets!
  • The "Color Couples" series (check it!)
  • The menu bar (or whatever you call it) across the top, that allows for easy navigation. 
  • The buttons on the sidebar!

I would love for people to join in and make this a conversation! What do you look for in a blog? Leave a comment, or even write a post on your own blog, and then copy and paste the permalink in the comments section!

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