Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gasp! (Fluevog) Heels, Bows, and Pleats

I'm not what you would call a shoe person. I've always thought that there are shoe people, and then there comfortable, practical people (like me). But I do own a pair of heels. A pair of Fluevog "Tennessee" heels in black and beige that I snagged for $30 whilst shopping with my besty at a consignment store in Calgary. Ayyeeeee! They are neither comfortable nor practical, and they're in desperate need of a cleaning, but they're a damn fine pair of shoes. A magnificent pair of shoes even. And I love them more than humanity (kidding . . . kind of). 

I did not think another pair of shoes would ever come close to the glory of my second-hand fluevogs until I saw these:

No word of a lie, when I saw them (here on John Fluevog Shoes' Facebook Page), I held my breath. I'm holding my breath right now. They've got elegance and sex appeal. They're Kate and Pippa. They're downright heartbreaking! 

I still think mine are number 1 on the awesome-scale (because of the shorter heel, the bow, and the brogue-look), but these "keepsakes" are a very close second. And since pleats are gonna be huge, huge, hot this spring (and summer, I would imagine), I think that these shoes are the ones to have. 

I will almost certainly not have them, of course. Because I don't have gads of cash. But it got me thinking . . . what can I make with pleats? Seen any cool DIY's out there? Any favourite patterns with pleats? 

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