Wednesday, February 15, 2012

High Five: Skunkboy Creatures

As part of my quest for a better blog, I'm going to start paying more attention to all the great blogs out there. I'm going to find my favourites and analyse what elements make them most attractive to me. Once a week (every Wednesday), I'm going to blog about one of them. High five!

This week, my favourite blog is Skunkboy Creatures, where indie plushmaker Katie blogs about style, music, crafting, her biz, and her family.

5 Great Things:
  • The banner
  • The buttons
  • The photos (great composition and lighting)! <- It sounds like I know a lot about photos when I use words like 'composition' and 'lighting'!   

I would love for people to join in and make this a conversation! What's you're favourite blog, and why? Leave a comment, or even write a post on your own blog, and then copy and paste the permalink in the comments section!


  1. My favourite blog is THE FOX IS BLACK I've been reading for years. What I like is the lay out. That the content on it is new and fresh to me all the time (and never or rarely repeated or copied from anywhere else) and that Bobby has a handful of writers that do great things, including features and weekly themes ("china" or the Queer artists series).. The desktop project is probably my favourite. XO

  2. what a great idea! Off to see this weeks pick :)