Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring is Getting Ready to do It's Thing?

The snow is melting! Well, it was melting yesterday and then it dumped buckets overnight. But I can feel spring coming on, and it's reaching into my pocketbook. That's right, the changing of the seasons is inspiring me to break the piggy bank and buy some new spring-ish fabrics. This coral bit of polka-dotted heaven from judkit on etsy is amongst the six new fabrics I ordered from her shop late last night. Can't wait 'till the blessed day I receive that package!

I also poked my head into my locally owned Fabricland (where I get most of my fabric and sewing what-not) and bought some emerald green corduroy and some bright purple.

How is my thesis going, you ask? Ugh . . .

Don't ask.

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