Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nice things are Nice

My little sewing space is pretty much my favorite corner of the world right now. Partly that's because when I'm there, I'm doing what I love. But another important part of it is that I've made it a space full of lovely and meaningful things--
handmade things, gifts from loved ones, a plant, etc.

The other day I saw an adorable cupcake pincushion on etsy, that I thought might make my happy-place even happier, but I didn't bookmark it! I spent hours scouring the internet for it, but had no luck. Well, that's not true. Though I never found the exact pincushion that started the whole frenzy, I did find some pretty great (food inspired) finds:


  1. What a sweet bunch you found! I'm honored to have my kiwi pincushion featured, thank you :)