Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cross Stitch Pattern Round-Up

I found a new TV series that I love (not difficult, given my love for television). It's an Aussie show called Love Child, and it's about a home for 'unwed mothers' in 1969. I'm three episodes in, and I'm all over that drama. Since I see a lot of quality TV time in my near future, I think it's about time for me to incorporate a craft project into the marathon. Needlework is one of my favourite things to pair with tv watching because, unlike my sewing machine, the swish swish of a needle pulling thread is relatively quiet.

I'm thinking cross stitch? I've been looking for patterns on Etsy, and there are some super-sweet and relatively simple ones that I'm dying to try! All three of the shops that these patterns come from are loaded with great patterns at varying levels of difficulty--these are just three of my many favorites! What would you choose?

cactus by galaborn patterns

Cherry Blossoms by Charlotte Alexander

beetle by andwabisabi


  1. The cactus. I have an unreasonably strong attraction to that cactus.

    I love the idea of this. Crafting while TV marathoning! Great. I need to pick something up to do while I spend far too many hours watching Doctor Who on Netflix. Maybe.

  2. Do it! Cross stitch is a good one. But so is knitting. Both have lots of counting, so they're helpful when I really just want to clear out the ol' noggin :)