Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Birthday Goals

Saturday was my 32nd birthday! I got spoiled harder than any human person should be spoiled. Pretty much everyone I know went out of their way to make it a special day, and the results were pretty unbeatable. Bff even dropped by with a special gift for me, a mere 4 days after her mastectomy! Yup, bff has the cancer, which has been . . . the worst. Yeah, pretty much the worst thing ever. However, it turns out she can coax new comic material out of any circumstance, and she's really amped up her home-based standup routine. I'm not saying there is a bright side to fighting cancer, but I will say that there's something to be admired about a woman who starts cracking (incoherent) jokes before the anesthetic wears off.

Back to my birthday. I decided to try setting a bunch of birthday goals again this year. Last time I didn't get through all my goals, and that could very well be the case again. But I'm going to give it the old college try.

I'm not even a real go-getter, but I love setting goals. This year, I'm not limiting myself to realistic ones either, or ones that are totally within my control. I'll just think of them as things to aspire to--aim for the moon and all that. I'm thinking 32 goals before I turn 33. Mabye. But 10 is a good start for now. I can always add more as I think of them. As of today, my goals for the year are:

  1. Get a passport (true story, I don't have a passport)
  2. Have an out of country vacation
  3. Move into my own place (true story, I live with my parents)
  4. Sell stuff at the Artisans of the North Fair
  5. Learn to read ancient Hebrew
  6. Get back into running shape
  7. Read at least 12 novels
  8. Read 3 entire works of non-fiction (I can't recall having even read 1!)
  9. Sew a piece of clothing with the bff's girl-child
  10. Make my own leggings
Good luck to me!


  1. I like your list of goals this year, especially making your own leggings, this I want to see! Your birthday was amazing because you are amazing, you deserved to have a special day. Don't forget your birthday's not over. We're waiting for Jay to come to celebrate even more.

    1. Oh, I won't forget! Tell Jay I'm going on a hunger strike until she comes and makes chicken pot pie.


    Love the goals, lady. They're great and totally achievable! :) (I only just got a passport, I'm awful at non-fiction and I don't think I've finished 12 novels in the last three years. PS. I LOVE the "make my own leggings" goal. That's awesome.)

  3. Thanks Kim! I really feel like if I can make my own leggings, the world will be mine :)