Monday, February 24, 2014

What's in a Name (Molipop's Birth Story)

Just over three years ago, when I chose the name for my little shop, I didn't really overthink it. I didn't have any grand design in mind. I was stressing hard on my thesis, and I started crafting (mostly knitting at the time) as a way to mellow out. Soon the crafts started piling up, and I began to realize a couple things. First, I didn't have room for all my finished crafts (or enough people to give them all away to)! And second, I was cash-poor, and I needed a way to get more money for craft supplies. The logical solution was to start selling my crafts, and setting up a shop on Etsy is a really great place to set up shop. 

Pretty much the only thing you need to start an Etsy shop is a name. Like I said, there was no grand plan, so when I chose a name, I drew from the context of my life at the time. I had recently benched myself from roller derby, due to an injury, but I was still crushing hard on the sport and holding onto my derby identity. My derby name was Mauly Maid (clever, no?). Mauly Maid was fierce and fun and I loved her very much, but she was kinda dying from lack of track-time. So I decided to reincarnate a less agressive version of her in my shop, and Molipop was born. Molipop is still pretty fierce and fun; she just doesn't throw around as many body checks as her predecessor! 

That's me in the blue helmet!

Me and a close friend/teammate after our first bout
 (yup, that's a mouth-guard sticking out of my helmet)

As a shop name, it's managed to maintain relevance, or at least I like to think so. The stuff in the shop is made to be cozy and homey, but also happy and sweet, like the name: Molipop. And I'd like to think that Molipop products play a small part in establishing the feeling that 'it's good to be home'. 

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