Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's 2014, folks!

2013 was a spectacular year for me. There was a crazy amount of good and great and wonderful, but I'll limit my over-share to the most wonderful.

First off, I finished my Master's Degree (in English)! That was a huge one. Someone asked me if I learned anything unexpected, and here's what I told them: "I'm not as smart as I thought I was." Now, I'm not down on myself in the smart department. I'm smart, and it makes me happy to be so. But the thesis experience was humbling, and I discovered that I'm not like, a prodigy or anything, and there are limits to how much information I can process in a given amount of time. Basically, I'm not God. And incidentally, I've become way more appreciative of God in the last year--another bit of top-wonderful in 2013.

Molipop was super-good to me this year. I finished my thesis just before business started picking up for the holidays, and I was able to transition into full-time sewing (and all the rest that comes with having a small handmade business). As things slow down for the rest of the year, I'll have to get me some supplemental work, but this season was the perfect follow-up to the triumphant completion of my Master's degree. (I'm really into writing Master's degree, can you tell?)

Christmas with the folks and siblings was really amazing. For the first time in a really long time, we're all generally in good health, and it made being all together that much more pleasant. We went skiing, watched movies, ate lots of good food, visited, and played Ticket to Ride about a hundred times (thanks guys!).

Don't get me wrong, life isn't The Babysitter's Club. I have the usual amount of grown-up problems that a relatively privileged grown-up person in North America has. There's been difficult, unpleasant, and sometimes heart-breaking stuff along the way. You too, right? But, I really got to enjoy the good stuff, and I really made use of my resources for the bad stuff, and all-in-all it was a great way to spend a year!


  1. Awh! Happy new year, Sugarplum! I love how amazing your 2013 was and I wish you nothing but that or 2014. You are phenomenal and deserve all of this Awesome! <3

  2. My doll, how did I get to be the lucky person to be your mom? Every year you teach me new things about life, and 2013 was no exception. I look forward to many more years of love and lessons together, God willing.