Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Illustrating Like a Boss

I'm working on a Skillshare course to learn some illustrator and photoshop basics. If you don't know what skillshare is, then stop here! Don't read on. It's a black hole of informal and inexpensive online mini-courses. You can learn to do all sorts of fun stuff, one skill at a time. 

Anyways, the course I'm currently distracting myself with is a character illustration course, taught by Matt Kafenberg  It focusses on one particular style of illustration. Um, I forget if the style has a name. It's the kind where you just use shapes, and the sketch lines aren't included in the final product . . . (there's a bit of a gap in my vocab here--whatever). Anyways, it's the same style that Helen Dardik uses, and she's pretty much my top fave illustrator of all times (anywhere. ever.) So there you have it. 

I thought to myself, "why not?" (Here's where you say, "because you're supposed to be focussing on the stuff you've already got going?")

But it's so much funnnnn!

Here's a look at my progress, from the very first concept sketches to, um, the third sketch or whatever. 

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