Monday, November 4, 2013

All Sorts (of Top Notch from Last Week)

So, it's getting pretty crispy around here. I'm still not getting out and walking nearly as much as I ought to, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it when I do. We haven't had any snow yet, which is probably one of the scary gifts of global warming, but I'll take it! Mind you, I'm pretty stoked to start snowshoeing again, and I'll be choked if we don't get mounds and mounds of snow at some point this year. 

Coffee with Jo at Edgewood Farms has become a pretty regular thing now. This week, we had to pass a flock of scary fowl in order to leave the farm. Birds are the most terrifying creatures on earth (next to venomous snakes, large predatory cats, and starving bears), but I put on a brave face to snap this pic, because they look so quaint.  

I (obviously) didn't take photos of clay-time last week, but it happened, and it was pretty spectacular (as usual). Maybe I'll remember to take photos today? I'm working on a couple mugs, and the kid is working on about a million more imaginative items. You'll see. Maybe. If I remember. 

Another amazing thing from last week is that I finished the first pair of low boot/high top slippers for the shop! I'm stoked to have completed the patterns, and I'm aiming to have a handful ready to list on Molipop's anniversary (Nov. 17th). But I will probably slam the internet with hoards of photos before then . . . 

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