Monday, September 30, 2013

All Sorts (of Top Notch from Last Week)

So, here are some things that made last week super-fly. First off, this card from some good/great friends of mine, including Jo (the bff I always write about) and Dan (my friend/first ex-boyfriend--circa grade 6).

I made these cushions for the ol' bff, and they turned out pretty phenomenal. She's borderline obsessed with embroidery, so I made contrasting embroidered fabric buttons. 

I'm working on my first consignment order, for A Curious Collective in Ottawa. Their shop is at 159 York St., so go visit my slippers if you're in the area. 

I made these newbies for the order, and I'm a little bit in love with them. I'll be adding them as a regular listing to my Etsy Shop too. 

Also, I decided to make The Execution of Noa P. Singleton the first bit of reading material from my giant stack of borrowed books. It was so riveting that I had a hard time getting out the door to my weekly games night. That's saying alot, because games night is always the highlight of my weeks. Always. And this week I won all over the place, so I suppose it was worth tearing myself away from Noa P. 


  1. This one day winning streak has made you overly confident. Prepare to be second placed (that is Rick the jokester, the last placed winner, trying to make a joke) Thank you for my beautiful pillows!

  2. Haha. You can tell Rick to bring it on.

    And you're welcome for the beautiful pillows -- thank you for the moola!