Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sisterly Love in Metric Tonnes

My brother's birthday was last month. He was vacationing in Ontario, so I held off on mailing his gift (packed with delicious perishables). But now he's back in BC (I think), so I packaged up his gift and sent it off to what I hope was the right address . . .

I made this pretty awesome card for him.

I really did.

Actually, it's an envelope made of cardstock stuffed with pics from the Mumford & Sons concert in Holland Park that he took me to for my birthday. I can't really compete with Mumford & Sons tix, so I made it all sentimental and home-made this year.

The card is even more awesome if you know the story behind it. (Which I am about to tell you)

It all started a couple Christmases ago, when Darren's gift tag to me looked like this:

For his birthday that year, I made him the little embroidery on the wall in this pic:

Then last Christmas he got me this super awesome fabric (which I haven't been able to cut into yet, due to its sentimental value!).

Awwww, what a lovely story. Right?

This year's card was made by photocopying the original whale image from that first Christmas and making a stencil, then filling the stencil with my thumb prints in black ink. Easy peasy, and pretty darn fantastic. Welcome to awesome-town. 

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  1. Lady. You are ridiculous. :) That is an awesome gift and this story kind of (absolutely) made my day. :) Awesome Town, for sure! :)