Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sweating Boogers

Ugh. I've been sick all week, and instead of thesising, making new stuff for my shop, or researching blogs, I've been watching gads of tv (Swamp People, to be more specific) and sleeping. I hate being sick, but I do love having sick days. They're about the only days that I feel justified in letting everything slide for a bit. The thing about having a long-overdue thesis hanging over one's head is that everything that is not thesis-related feels like a guilty pleasure. On sick days, I give myself permission to nix the guilty and just take the pleasure. Granted, the  being sick part isn't actually that pleasant, but it's a much needed mental break, and I'll take what I can get!

So anyways, there won't be a high five post this week. Instead, I'm going to start playing catch-up with my thesis and my shop this morning. Then, I'm going to head to the walk-in clinic as soon as it opens . . . because now that I've stopped taking back-to-back cold medication I can feel my face again, and it feels like I have a sinus infection (gross).

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