Friday, March 9, 2012

Fab(ric) Friday

I just got this Essex Linen in grey this week, and I am so pleased! I know, it's grey. No pattern or pomp. But it's a really beautiful shade of grey (pale with a faint lavender hue), and at $6.50 a yard, it's a really affordable 55% linen/45% cotton blend. Now, I got it from pinkcastlefabrics, and they're all out right now, but they've got more on the way. And I'll be ordering more soon, I'm sure. 

I was so excited, I immediately washed and dried it so I could make something new!

New Baby Booties - Here!


  1. Nice color. It looks really soft, is it?

  2. Not as soft as straight cotton. It's a little more rugged and heavy.