Monday, March 5, 2012

Cathedral Windows Pillow

I've been seeing cathedral window pillow covers all over the place, and I've been wanting one so badly. I finally decided to just sit down and make myself one. I used this tutorial from the Moda Bake Shop, only I made a few changes. I used a flannel sheet and some colourful cotton scraps instead of the fabrics that the recipe calls for. I also did the border differently. I used double-layered flannel and quilted straight lines around the border. Does that make sense? You can kind of see it here:

For the back, I did an off-centered button closure. The pic isn't that great, but I'm sick of taking pictures already.

 The Bake Shop tutorial is detailed, well-articulated, has lots of pics, and is generally easy to follow. I'm not schooled in quilting, so it took ages, and didn't turn out perfectly, but I'm pretty damn pleased anyways! 

Have you tried any good tutorials lately? 

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