Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh, Hello Serger!

Yeow! I got my serger (on Monday - delayed response). I bought her brand new on eBay, and was a little nervous because it was my first purchase on eBay. But it came quickly and arrived in perfect condition. She came all the way from Oklahoma! I searched far and wide (on the internet) to find this particular model in Canada, and there were none to be found. 

So, I shelled out the shipping and customs cash, because I really wanted this model. It's gotten great reviews online, for a starter machine. So far, I'm not disappointed (it's only been two days, keep in mind). I thought it was going to be the worst kind of pain to thread, but it was easy as cake. I just followed the instructional video that came with it, and voila! 

Threads all in place, I finished watching the instructional video and the serger techniques video. I'll have to watch the latter again, because I can't remember even a tenth of all the wonderful things that this machine can do, but I did manage to learn how to do a few basic stitches, and I whipped up a pair of pajama bottoms by the end of the day! 

Now, the only problem is that I can't concentrate on my thesis, 'cause my mind keeps wandering to all the amazing things I could be doing with my serger . . . 

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