Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goal #1: Knit 3 Toques

So here's toque #2 (toque #1 here). I was using up leftover yarn . . . hence the stripes. It was pretty easy to knit. No pattern. Well, I made it too big. But it would be easy to knit again with some adjustments. 

I cast on 102 stitches with Pattons Classic, and made a fat rib (knit 3 purl 3) until it was about 3 inches and then switched to straight knit, changing colours whenever I either ran out of a colour or I thought it looked good. 

I kept going until it was long enough to just about cover my head, and then started decreasing . . . slowly. I didn't want it to be too rounded at the top. 

I think I had to knit a few randoms together first to get a number that divided by 12, and then I knitted together every 11th and 12th stitch for one round, knit a regular round, knit every 10th and 11th stitch together for one round, knit a regular round, and so on, until I was down to repeating 'knit two together' for a whole round. Then I just repeated that round until I had just a few stitches left, and I tied it up and added a pom pom! 

Next time I would cast on 6-12 less stitches, and I would start decreasing sooner.


  1. I absolutely LOVE it!!!!
    Found a fabulous pattern on The Purl Bee this morning and already have it printed out and ready to go! It's on my blog post for today... check it out!
    Happy 2012!

  2. Hey... quick question... i just noticed the button for my blog on your side bar - it ROCKS! can i get the HTML code for it so others can have it to??

  3. Thanks Maggie! I have a bunch more knit stuff that I just haven't taken any pics of yet . . . and I used patterns for some of them, so I'll have links!