Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ready or Not!

Oh dear, we're on the cusp on January, and I still have so many things I want to accomplish before I turn 30 (in April)! I have finished a few more things on the list: I knit three toques, I designed another women's slipper pattern, and I made handmade Christmas gifts for everyone in my immediate family. Photos and links to the patterns that I used coming soon(ish)!

Some of the goals no longer excite me though. Eric's mittens, kindle case embroidery pattern, Jolene's fancy slippers, running 5 km in 25 min, submitting a short story, Member at the Wedding . . . meh. These things have all been replaced by other goals and interests. Long-term goals are tough! And by long term, I mean longer than a semester.

Some of my original goals are just going to be downright impossible. Taika Waititi's film, Boy, is not available in Canada or the States (or even in DVD format for North American DVD Players). If I got to Victoria to visit Laura I may not get my first draft of my thesis done in time (most pressing and depressing goal of all). And, exercising 20 days per month until my 30th is out, since I totally bailed this month (will still be trying to do that one for the rest of the months until April and forever-after though).

So, January is going to be about re-assessing. And it's going to be about settling into a thesis-centric routine . . . with time for sewing, of course!

Here's some of the fabric I'm looking forward to working with: 

maybe to line a ruffle a pair of denim baby shoes in this style?

My brother's been telling me for awhile that I ought to put some ruffles on baby shoes, and a family friend of ours just had a baby girl, so I thought it would be a good time to try something new and a little extra-special. 

Hope you have a happy new year!

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