Saturday, November 19, 2011

#6: Fix the Slide on My Favourite Trail

Woo hoo! I crossed #6 off my list (fix the mudslide on my favourite trail). Well, I actually fixed a different mudslide on a different favourite trail than I intended. It's almost winter now, and the one I intended to fix is really a summer trail. The one I did fix is one that I use for running and for snowshoeing. So I got the shovel out last weekend, just before the ground froze, and did a little digging.
I should have taken some before and after pics. Essentially, there is a spot on the trail where the dirt is really soft and the slope is really steep, so the trail just kind of erodes away and joins the rest of the slope. And it gets wicked slippery when it rains (or snows). There really is no good way around it, so I started cutting into the slope above to widen and flatten the spot. Does that make sense?
Anyways, the ground is probably frozen now, and tonnes of people use it over the winter, so I feel like a bit of a hero.

Plus, walking the trail instead of running (with large spade in hand) gave me a chance to see the details I normally miss!

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