Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tote Your Own Horn! (or groceries)

This week's prompt in the Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop is "accessories." One of my favourite accessories of all times is the canvas tote I purchased from emandsprout on etsy (ages ago now). It's my number one grocery bag, take parcels to the mail bag, run to the fabric store, trip to the library, all around great bag bag.

It may indeed be time to mix it up a little bit, so I've been browsing around on Etsy, and there are heaps and heaps of cute totes out there!

I'm also a fan of button earrings! I don't sell these in my online shop anymore, but I'll definitely have them at my booth for the Farmers' Market craft fair this December! (Getting STOKED now, especially after having coffee yesterday with fellow crafter, Anika Lacerte, from The Handcrafted Story)
Now that it's full-on chilly fall, I'm wearing my slippers A LOT (as if I didn't wear them a lot already ;). The Ruffle ones that I made to test last week are holding up real well (in the washer in and dryer to boot!).

That's all for now. Happy Thursday!


  1. hey new friend!!!! just found your blog and LOVE IT!!! can't wait to follow! :-)
    Happy Friday new friend!
    (on my way over to check out your etsy shop)

  2. ok.... just GLANCED at your ETSY shop... and I am SO EXCITED... you are so creative and talented!
    getting my nephew some booties RIGHT AWAY!!!!
    (stealing a button to put on my blog)