Saturday, September 17, 2011

14. Attend three events where I don’t know anyone that well

So, I accomplished one of my goals last weekend, and still haven't blogged about it. Since one of my other goals is to blog about the accomplishment of each goal, it's about time for me to get 'er done!

photo of Karyn Ellis by Emma-Lee Photography

The goal is a three-parter: attend three events where I don't know anyone that well. I'm the girl who ends up freezing and looking like a deer in the headlights at parties and all other social functions with more than two or three people, so it's kind of a big deal. Anyways, I went to an intimate house concert last weekend, so that's one out of three.

I'm SO glad I went. The performer was Karyn Ellis, and I'm not really sure how to classify her music, partly because I'm not schooled in music and partly because the songs in her set were so diverse (there was even a waltz)! I was already a fan of her music, but seeing her perform in such a small group really solidified my fandom. In addition to being a great song-writer and singer, Karyn is a fantastic story-teller, and kept the audience entertained with her tales of how the songs came about, how the music videos for the songs would look if we were in them with her, and how she came to live in Cottonwood BC (all the way from Ontario!). She got the audiences singing along, clapping, and snapping our fingers. At one point I even got a little teared up as she sang "Be My Girl," a song about violence against women.

Another song I really love is "Beauty," an empowering song with a slew of super-creative similes (lyrics here).

All-in-all it was an amazing experience, and I'm so glad I went (did I say that already--ha!). And I might not have gone if I wasn't so excited about working towards checking that goal off the list (I'm a list junky)!

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