Friday, August 8, 2014

Island Vacation! Miracle Beach, BC

Last month I took a week off and headed to Vancouver Island to kick back, camp, and catch up with old friends. I travelled around the Island a fair bit, staying near Campbell River at Miracle Beach for a couple nights, in Victoria for a few nights, and at the China Beach campsite in the Juan de Fuca provincial park for a night. I took about lots of photos and saw lots of stuff so I'll blog in a few installments, starting with Miracle Beach and Victoria!

My campsite at Miracle Beach. It rained buckets!

Estuary trail at Miracle Beach

Where the estuary trail is about to open up to the beach!

The beach at low tide

 Miracle Beach was crazy pretty. There's a giant sandy beach packed with sand dollars (most of them still alive) and a super lush trail alongside the estuary. I remember the crazy amount of slugs from when I was a kid vacationing on the Island. They used to freak me out, but being slightly more logical as an adult, I know now that I can outrun any one of them if need be. Here is a shaking and blurry video of one snacking on a leaf.

The park is pretty family oriented, so there were lots of kiddos (lots of laughing, playing, screaming, and crying). Being in a family-centric park somehow made me feel a little safer at night for my very first solo camping experience. Probably a misguided assumption, since I know from tv that serial killers are never who you expect them to be. But all you could hear after 10pm was crackling fires, and I slept like only a carefree grown-up on vacation can.

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  1. Miracle Beach is such an awesome place to kick back and relax. I'm glad you survived your solo camping trip and now you will be ready for next year.