Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Winter's Last Gasp

I have to admit, the last week or so has been a bit bleh. The last bits of winter and first bits of spring in Northern BC are usually a little less than scenic. Once the snow starts to melt it's too slushy and then too muddy to head into the forest trails--I think yesterday might have been the last good day to walk in the woods for awhile. And the road-side snow is heavily mud-splattered. It has its bright moments though! Blue skies and warmer weather are a winning combination in my opinion. And we're getting more and more of that.

There is still a heck of a lot of snow,

but the fuzzy willows are popping out on the highest branches,

and shades are a must.

A little tune to help you through winter's last gasp: Here Comes the Sun Again

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