Tuesday, November 12, 2013

All Sorts of Top Notch

So, there was a lot of work going on last week. Orders are picking up as the cold sets in. Some people are even getting on the Christmas shopping, which is super-wise if you're shopping small online businesses, by the way.

I added my first bota-styled slippers last week. Yayyyyyy! Wild cheering on this end. I'm super-proud of this design. 

In other news, I also added some cat-shaped coasters to the shop. I wouldn't say I'm a crazy cat lady, because I'm under the impression that 'crazy cat lady' is gaining traction amongst cool folks these days. I'm pretty much not cool at all. I celebrate my cat's adoption day and spend more cash money on her than I do on my brothers. I have also given in-depth consideration to scenarios in which I might have to rescue my cat from a wild predator (cougars feature most prominently). These scenarios always (and inevitably) end in death--either the death of a 200-and-some-odd-pound natural born killer or the death of the cougar, but never of my cat. 

Oh yeah, these are the coasters:

Games night included a fire this week, which was awesome. I briefly considered not posting this less than flattering picture of Jo, but I really liked the dark blue sky and tree thing going on behind her. 

No unflattering pictures of me this week, folks. 

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