Monday, October 22, 2012


Yay I just ordered a fat quarter of cotton/linen canvas with my very own scissor drawing on it! yayaya spoonflower.
Source: via Denielle on Pinterest

Initially, I was going to get this tattooed on the back of my arm, but I've recently committed to simpler single living (a.k.a. chastity and poverty). Essentially I want to have lots of time for reading, prayer, and meditation and spend the rest of my time doing something I love (Molipop) to support myself financially. How's that going so far? Well, my self-discipline may not be A+. I'm learning as I go. For now, tattoos are pretty pricey, so unless gads of cash start falling into my lap, I'm taking it easy on the non-essentials . . . except custom fabric, obviously.

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