Wednesday, July 25, 2012


so I haven't been running a lot lately because I got a bad sprain. It was an embarrassing and unnecessary sprain. It was the very last step of a great run. I say the very last step because I was running up a killer hill and when I am running up killer hills I find a patch of grass to focus on, usually 10 feet in front of me and focus on it until I reach it. Then I pick a new patch of grass, and so it goes until the very last patch of grass. And this time (over a month ago now?) I planted my foot beside that last patch of grass, and I planted it a little off balance I guess, and it just kind of folded over. You know how it goes, right. There was a tearing sound  and some pain and heat and whatever followed by some very unattractive swelling. 


My ankles are pretty thick as it is, so the good thing about having one swollen one is that the normal one looked pretty slim, comparatively. 

Now, the swelling is mostly under control, and I'm back to having matching robust ankles. I'm just dying for that old steady feeling to return because I just got these wedges this summer, and I want to wear them on a regular basis.

Next time I'll write something positive to make up for all my complaining.

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