Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Breaking Some Bad Habits

A week ago, my close friend and I decided it was time to break some of our bad eating habits. It's something we've tried to do before, but the foods we love (especially junk food) makes us both really happy, so it's hard to change the way we eat. Nonetheless, we decided that this time we would try making it into a 'game' of sorts by assigning points to a handful of goals (ie. 2 points per day for not eating any chips, chocolate, fast food, or baked sweets--all personal weakness of ours). We like games. No, we like winning games, so thus far it's been pretty successful, and both of us are starting to feel less gross!

1 carb free meal per day = 1 point!
Today's Lunch: Spring greens, feta, and home-canned freshwater salmon with oil and vinegar dressing

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