Thursday, March 22, 2012

High Five: Hodge Podge Farm

As part of my quest for a better blog, I'm going to start paying more attention to all the great blogs out there. I'm going to find my favourites and analyse what elements make them most attractive to me. Once a week (every Wednesday), I'm going to blog about one of them. High five! 

This week, my favourite is Hodge Podge Farm, where designer and crafter extraordinaire Cal Patch blogs about her life. 

5 Great Things:

1. Cal presents herself as an all-star crafter and an expert in her field(s) AND as a human-you-could-comfortably-make-eye-contact-with. I'm socially stunted in the extreme, so that's saying a lot!

2. Advanced Tutorial! Cal did a tutorial for Etsy's blog in which she teaches how to design and sew your own leggings. Heck ya! (this is how I found her blog in the first place). She also has a few more good tutorials on her blog, all collected under the 'tutorial' heading on the menu bar--handy!

3. Lots of photos.

Image from "2011 in Pictures: November"

4. A consistent 'vibe.' The photos and posts all sort of come together to create a comfy-crafty-farmer-girl image. Lots of photos of bright yarns, roosters and hens, WIP's, veggies in the garden, fabrics, and landscape.
Image from "Empty Nest"
 5. Banner. Of course, I like the banner.

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