Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Heart

Every Tuesday, Sarah B. from Yes, Teacher! has a linky party called "Tickle Me Tuesday," where we all get together to link a post about what is tickling each of our fancy.

Predictably, what's tickling me today is Valentines Day! It's not that I'm super-jazzed about romance. In fact, I could probably be described as an anti-romantic. A guy I liked once gave me a napkin with marinara sauce lip marks on it and the caption, "Happy 'its-only-334-days-till-Christmas'-day," and it was the best damn valentine I have ever (and may ever) receive. Normal Romance makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable. And on top of that (enter snobby grad school education/socialization) romantic gestures often make love seem a little contrived, or at least a little contained. Love is popular (and for good reason). But with so much popular discourse on love, it's become difficult to escape romantic stereotypes (roses, chocolates, mix tapes--the list goes on months past forever) and think of or do something creative and loving. 

That said, I gotta admit that I heart the hell out of valentines day. I like the hearts, the pink and red, the crafts, and the general prettiness of valentines stuff. I sure do!

Head on over to Yes, Teacher! To join the party:

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  1. Those doily hearts are pretty fabulous!!!! Thanks for linking up :D