Saturday, November 12, 2011

Souper Saturday!

This year, I'm kicking the onset of winter off with a really fantastic day filled with heaps of my favourite things. It's the first real snow day, it's the weekend, and it's Games night!

my new boots (Cross off #21 on my List!)

Once a week my friend Jolene, her husband, her brother, and I play Settlers of Catan and eat delicious food. Oh yeah, it's a bit nerdy, but I look forward to it every week. Usually we do it on Sunday, but this week we're going to a house concert on Sunday, so we had to do a little shuffling around. All that to say, today's shaping up to be a fantastic (albeit blustery) day!

1. Wake up and Sew

2. Go to Jolene's house at 9:30am to make spanakopita and tzatziki together (to eat later on, during what is sure to be my favourite part of the day).

3. Come home and eat my mom's delicious butternut squash soup (recipe coming soon)

4. Make Pita bread for later

5. Meet my friend and fellow crafter, Anika Lacerte, for coffee and shop-talk.

6. More sewing and/or knitting

7. 6:00 till the wee hours = Games night with Greek appies and apple crisp! Woop woop!

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