Saturday, September 10, 2011

I’ve been meaning to make a list of goals, 29 of them to be exact, to achieve before my 30th birthday (a la ohsweetie). Annnnd, well nearly half of my 29th year has already slipped away, so it’s way overdue. Since I’ve been thinking about the list for awhile, I’ve actually already accomplished a couple of goals. But here it is! Some big and some not so big goals. It’s not to be a consuming list, but a motivating one!

  1. Knit 3 Toques
  2. Front page of Etsy
  3. Make myself a dress
  4. Finish Eric’s mittens
  5. Design another women’s slipper pattern (sizes 5-10)
  6. Build steps or make an alternate route around the slide on my favourite running trail
  7. Finish Jolene’s fancy slippers
  8. 1 new embroidery pattern for ereader sleeves
  9. Keep my room under control for a month straight
  10. Pay off 1/3 of Visa
  11. Exercise min 20 times per month until 30th birthday (0/7)
  12. Try Cross Country Skiing
  13. Blog about each goal that I accomplish
  14. Attend three events where I don’t know anyone that well (1/3)
  15. Eat a meal by myself in a sit-down restaurant without a book
  16. Finish my lap quilt
  17. Make handmade Christmas gifts for my immediate family (0/4)
  18. Write or finish a short story and send it to a magazine.
  19. Read The Member of the Wedding by Carson McCullers
  20. Get my hands on and watch Boy (directed by Taika Waititi)
  21. Purchase proper winter boots for snowshoeing
  22. Make Mennonite perogies
  23. Make home-made doughnuts
  24. Visit Laura in Victoria
  25. Run plywood hill without stopping
  26. Run 5k in 25 min
  27. Learn to make peanut butter butter-cream icing (well) for fancy-pants cupcakes.
  28. Make a men’s slipper design (at least one size)
  29. Hand in the first draft of my thesis.

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