Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DIY, Rugged Northerner Style

My parents live on a fantastic little piece of property that just happens to have a lovely little stream running alongside.

What's even more lovely (bordering on mind-blowing, actually) is the crazy never-ending network of running/biking/hiking/snow-shoeing trails that exists on the other side of the stream. Usually the stream dies down to a trickle in the summer, and it's no problem to walk across, but this year has been unusually wet, so me and my running buddy have been walking about a block up the road to a spot where someone has fallen a big log across the water. One of these days we're bound to fall in though. Er, fall in again. So today I enlisted the help of my dad to build a bridge! Dad and I hauled the logs and placed them just so, then dad cut the slats on his table saw, and finally I drilled the slats on to the logs on site with his portable drill. Voila!

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