About Me

I'm a pretty easy-going gal who values simple things, particularly those that encourage comfort and relaxation. 

Crafting is my true love, as well as my job. I learned to knit from my grandmother and my aunt, and I learned to sew from my mom. At various times in my life, I've used those skills to relax or relieve stress, but when I started graduate school stress took on a whole new meaning, and I became a crafting machine. That was the beginning of Molipop, my own little corner of the etsy-sphere! I started out knitting and sewing random small projects, but I eventually settled on comfort accessories, especially slippers, hoping in part that my products would bring the same sense of 'home' to my customers that making them brings to me. 

Nowadays, I've finished my graduate studies and settled down in Quesnel, BC, Canada. The shop that started out as a hobby to relieve stress has become my main source of income and a huge source of joy. This is where I blog about it, along with my other crafting endeavors, forays into the kitchen, and adventures in reading. 

From my home to yours,